How to use GarageBand on iPhone & iPad

The series of garageband is a line of digital audio workstations meant for the platform of iOS devices. It allows the users to create customized music and podcasts of their own and use it for the sole purpose of entertainment. Part of the iLife software suite, it is sold by Apple MacOS and allows the users to create multiple tracks of the music software garageband windows version download or podcasts with MIDI keyboards, loops, voice recordings, and other necessary elements. This article further elucidates on the same.

The features:

The following are the stark features of garageband that have made it quite a popular software amongst iOS users: -

  • This digital audio workstation allows recording and playback multiple tracks of the audio by using various filters and standardized to enhance the various effects in the audio track and render a personal touch to the individual’s compose.
  • Allows using of the various synthesizers to create or play live compositions through a MIDI keyboard and hence acts as a virtual software for instruments, e., lets the player take the feel of an original musical instrument
  • Allows playing of guitar tracks by including the use of simulated amplifiers and other processors. It also allows external guitars to be connected to the Mac devices via a USB interface.
  • Lets the players import the MIDI files and offer the desired levels of manipulation to the same. However, the MIDI notes created in GarageBand cannot be sent to other devices.
  • Easy learning of the music lessons and track loops for the music aspirants

Downloading of the software:

GarageBand is one of the default apps in the latest models of iOS platforms and hence the users can begin with their music experience directly. However, for the ones not having the same, they can download it from the Apple store, and they require to own the models having the make after 2009.

Getting started with the software:

The following lay down the basic steps for getting started with garageband:

  • The customized music can be created with or without an instrument via plugging in of the guitar and selecting the track out of the available effects. It can be used easily for the creation of new tracks of the genres of EDM, Hip-Hop, Jazz and many more.
  • The jamming can be done by the drummers signature kit available in the software, allowing for a large variety of groove and combinations to fill and manipulate with the acoustics and loops.
  • The shape-shifting controls can be controlled with the available synth sounds that are available in the smart control of the application.

The limitations:

The application of garageband has certain limitations and the following elucidate those: -

  • Limitation in the use of external MIDI instruments due to no limit on its capability
  • Limited to only the standard pitches and intervals available for 12-tone music
  • Compatibility issues with the iOS platforms before 2009
  • Might require payment of a nominal fee for unlocking the unlimited features

Hence, in a nutshell, the article presents completely about this application and how can it be used by iOS users to create a string of their personalized tracks.